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Be part of this exciting Neesya® Retail Expansion Plan
Talented & looking for a ready-to-launch business to start? Always wanted to start your own business but not sure what to do? Feel like a guinea pig in a rat race? And want to quit corporate life? Join our Neesya® Founder, who after 20 over years in successful corporate career in branding and marketing, decided to pursue ambitions of launching his own skincare brand. Be a Neesya® Authorised Agent and run your own retail skincare outlet! Neesya® Skincare, affordable scientific beauty care for the mass market, is looking for entrepreneurs to be AGENTS in Malaysia. A working capital of RM150,000-RM200,000 per outlet is required.

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Why Choose Neesya® Skincare?
Neesya® skincare is Malaysia’s first skin radiance specialist brand that promises to help users achieve a new degree of skin clarity, skin tone and radiance. This is made possible by the Neesya® LumiScience°® Technology, a trademarked formulation that employs a 360° approach that helps achieve remarkable skin clarity and radiance. This technology combines the in-depth understanding of skin physiology, skin radiance factors and the selection of the most advanced brightening, hydrating, anti-oxidative active ingredients.

Only quality active ingredients which are scientifically tested, is safe and effective are used. The Neesya® brand is a result of effort poured into developing an effective range of products, with a professional brand image, delivered by a team of trained Beauty Advisors at the front-end retail to provide effective customer engagement through a sales consultation shopping experience.

Though many skincare brands exists in the market, Neesya® occupies a very unique market positioning of a scientific-brand which is positioned to the mass market at affordable prices. Most brands in this market segment is often sold at the traditional channels such as departmental stores, hypermarkets and pharmacies, as self-help, off-the-shelf products. In comparision, Neesya® has its own retail brand outlets which is manned by trained Beauty Advisors who have direct customer engagement. This is key in building long-term brand association and loyalty.

Neesya® is premium quality skincare made affordable.

Why be an Agent and Own a Neesya® Outlet?
  1. Low Agent Fee for easy entry
  2. Immediate access to the long lead time of product development for beauty products which are positioned for the international market, with premium-type packaging and brand image
  3. On-going business support in training, marketing and management
  4. Reduced risk of entering the high-development cost of the beauty industry, with the principal carrying the bulk of the brand start-up and development costs
  5. All design, renovation and set-up works done for you – ready to open and operate
  6. Point-of-Sales System and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) already developed – ready to start

Is the Neesya® Authorised Agent right for you?
It’s a good fit if:
  • You are passionate about the beauty or personal care
  • You like the retail industry
  • You are looking for a duplicatable and scalable business
  • You are looking for a business which has a relatively low point of working capital entry
  • You would like someone to share the business risk
  • You need someone to guide you in building the business
  • You know of good mass market mall sites and are looking for a suitable brand and products
  • You are looking for good quality products to start a business

The Inspiration of the Brand

Neesya® (“butterfly” in Greek) symbolizes the spirit of today’s modern individual. The butterfly is the essence of freedom, natural beauty and hidden potentials. Like a butterfly, which is a symbol of transformation, every individual has that inner beauty that is waiting to be revealed. And every individual has the right to be beautiful. Through the innovative skincare science, Neesya® enables you to emerge and radiate with lasting beauty. And Neesya® makes this beauty available to everyone affordably.

Neesya®, premium skincare made affordable.