Penyediaan Kulit Wajah

Prepares skin

An effective skincare regime should first consist of the following treatments to prepare the skin for optimal absorption:

  1. Brightening Cleansing Milk - this gentle milk cleanser is formulated to enhance the brightening effect of Neesya LUMI range by effectively dissolving make-up and impurities while softening and refreshing the skin. Formulated with Silver Vine extract and Alpha-Melight™, skin regains radiance and fairness. Chamomile extracts sooth and sodium hyaluronate ensures post-cleansing moisture balance and skin comfort.
  2. Brightening Gel Cleanser - this silky cleanser helps prepare skin to receive maximum moisture and brightening effects of the Neesya skin care range by dissolving skin-dulling surface impurities without stripping the skin of essential moisture. Formulated with Silver Vine Extract and Alpha-Melight™, skin benefits from brightening effects even during essential cleansing, while extract of Hamamelis, Aloe and Vitamin B5 hydrate and soften skin.
  3. Brightening Toner - this refreshing treatment toner contains anti-carbonylation and brightening properties from Silver Vine extract and Alpha-Melight™. Provides an anti-oxidant shield to help brighten and protect skin while Hammamelis and Aloe extract soothe, hydrate, soften and prepare the skin to receive the optimal benefits of the Neesya skin care range.

Start with the Cleansing Milk first, followed by the Gel Cleansing Milk for double-cleansing, and then the Toner to prepare the skin. Start pampering yourself and your skin today!

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